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That Bloated Feeling?

Changes in Diet May Help You

Every once in a while, we like to hear and share inspiring stories from our patients. Be it the disappearance of metallic taste in the mouth after removing silver fillings, or the improvement of sinuses after removing a root-canal-treated tooth, we are more than happy that we have made a difference.

One of our advices to patients is to watch their diet because diet can have an effect on the teeth, mouth and nose. There are 3 big inflammation triggers in diet, namely dairy, gluten and refined sugar. While we can give a general picture on what to avoid in the diet, we are not dieticians and always urge patients to seek the advice of other health professionals like dieticians or naturopaths.

Our patient shared her view on going gluten-free for about a month yesterday, based on our recommendation. She notes that she was previously already eating healthy: fish and chicken, with very little red meat; large portions of vegetables; and potatoes or rice or couscous. She did note that she used to have bloating issues before and that was the main drive to improve her diet. She decided to investigate a more gluten-free approach to her diet by eliminating bread and normal wheat, opting instead for low-gluten wheat alternatives. It was not a major switch, but still took a little adjustment. She has been surprised that she has lost 4 kilos ever since she started and that enforces her view that the diet plays a huge role to her health and minor tweaks can result in major improvements.

Of the many new cookbooks she has, she recommended one by Ella Woodward (link included below). There are many other recipes and success stories out there, but the main point (as Ella Woodward so adeptly puts it) is that:

“More than anything I want the blog to show how easy and delicious healthy food is – it’s so much more than bland salads and iceberg lettuce!”

We live in the day and age where frozen dinners and fast foods are the norm to make up for the lack of time. Sometimes, a success story closer to home proves that we can and should rethink our diet.

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