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Mouth. Mind. Body. Holistic Dentist

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Holistic Dentistry for Better Health

The mouth is not an independent organ. It is a complex part of the body that involves the teeth, gums, jaw, tongue and orofacial soft tissues. That is why Image Dental treats it as such. We don’t just “fix” problems here and there; we address your mouth and body as a whole. How does your smile impact your jaws? Your jaws impact your muscles? Your muscles impact pain and comfort all day long? Here, we manage them all together.

The Image Dental approach to holistic dental care encompasses the belief that there is no health without oral health. Dr Michael takes a patient first, health-focused approach to his treatment to ensure each patient achieves optimal dental and overall health.
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Mercury Amalgam Removal

We specialise in dental services that minimise the potentially harmful side effects that have been linked to traditional dental practices including the use of mercury amalgam fillings and treatments that overly interfere with the natural functioning of the human body.

Our treatments focus on the use of biocompatible dental materials and treatments that prioritise the retention of natural teeth, as there is no effective long-term substitute for good dental health and function.

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