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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Image Dental Offers Long-Term Results

At Image Dental, we believe that cosmetic dentistry is not just about short-term aesthetic benefits. Instead, it is about long-term health and function. Yes, we offer traditional smile makeovers, but only with a holistic approach in mind.

Sometimes the best visual result is also something that will impact the rest of the mouth, jaws and body. We take your entire medical history into consideration as we work with you to formulate the ideal treatment plan.
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Cosmetic Dental Services

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Porcelain Crowns

Metal-free crowns encapsulate teeth to help provide them with long-term function as well as improved aesthetics.

Each crown is precisely fitted to minimise the impact on other teeth in the mouth.

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Porcelain dental veneers provide high impact visual results with low impact on the structure of your teeth. Unlike crowns, veneers simply cover the front of the teeth, providing a new appearance for the teeth that they are placed on.

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Composite Fillings and Bonding

Our metal-free fillings and composite bonding allow us to enhance and restore your tooth’s shape and function in a way that looks completely natural.

Want to Learn More?

We invite you to schedule a consultation with us to learn more about our variety of cosmetic and restorative care options. No one treatment is right for everyone, so we offer you options to choose from when at all possible.

Contact Image Dental to schedule your appointment today.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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