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Dental Crowns

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If you’ve had doubts about the wisdom of filling your mouth with metal, we understand. At Image Dental, we take a safer approach to dentistry by providing metal-free crowns to restore your teeth, without sending you home anxious about potential toxins.

Our reliable dental care restores broken and damaged teeth with long-lasting natural solutions that bring your smile back to its full shine.

Restoring Your Tooth’s Look, Feel, and Function

Broken or damaged teeth aren’t just a minor annoyance. Over time, they may affect your overall mouth structure and lead to further problems in your teeth, gums, or even throughout your body.

Crowns are custom-made covers that we place around the tooth to restore both your appearance and your mouth’s proper function. You’ll look and feel like you have a natural tooth, since we mold each one to fit in with your bite as a whole. Patients often have crowns put in after a root canal or when responding to chipped, cracked, decaying, or misshapen teeth.
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Afterwards, there’s no need to avoid any of the foods you enjoy. We’ll equip you with durable, long-term dental work that will last well into the future with proper care and cleaning.

Minimal Treatment for Maximum Results

Dr Michael Chong (Dentist) will perform a thorough assessment and talk with you about your dental goals. He will assess your teeth, gums, jaw, tongue, and orofacial soft tissues. We examine not just your mouth, but your overall health. Your teeth work together with the rest of your body, and our care always focuses on improving both.

We won’t do any more dental work than absolutely necessary, taking the most straightforward approach that provides you the best results. Our goal is to get you out of the dental chair and back to the activities you love as soon as possible, confident that you can count on your sturdy new smile.

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Just because you have a damaged tooth doesn’t mean you have to turn to metal. Book now to learn more about our natural options to restore your mouth and your health.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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