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Non-Extraction Orthodontics in Perth

Straighter, Stronger Smiles at Image Dental

Non Extraction Orthodontics PerthCrowded teeth are often caused by inadequate jaw size or external factors that have pushed the teeth out of place. As a result, many orthodontic providers recommend having teeth removed in order to get the others into proper alignment within the jaw’s natural shape.

Unfortunately this is not always the best approach. If the jaw is still too small, other oral structures are also restricted. This may affect things like breathing and airflow, resulting in poor quality sleep and medical side effects such as high blood pressure.

By slightly enlarging the jaws, it is possible to:

  • Enlarge the airway
  • Move teeth into proper alignment
  • Prevent the need for extractions

Lessen the Impact On Other Orofacial Functions

Reduce TMJ-related Disorders

Crowded teeth are also more apt to suffer from problems like gum disease and tooth decay. Teeth and jaws that come together in proper alignment are easier to care for and have the potential to last much longer.

Straighter Smiles at Any Age

It’s never too late to enjoy a straighter smile and healthier life. Image Dental has offered in-house, extraction-free orthodontic care to adults up to 70 years of age. Schedule your exam with us today by contacting us.