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Selenium and Mercury


Why is Selenium important?

Selenium is essential for many functions in the body. It is required as the active component of selenoproteins in the body. The function of selenium is most important for the brain and nervous system and also protects the body against oxidative stress.

A summary of the functions of selenium is given below:
- foster growth and development
- an antioxidant and improves immune function
- cancer preventive properties
- essential for normal thyroid hormone function

What mercury does to selenium in our body?

Mercury can combine with selenium irreversibly. This inhibits selenium-dependant enzymes in the body. If you take a closer look at specific systems, such as the brain, mercury can cross the blood-brain barrier and disrupt the selenoprotein balance within the brain. Changes in selenium concentration in the blood and brain have been reported in Alzheimer?s disease and certain brain tumours.

If selenium is that good, does that mean I should be loading up on selenium?

The short answer is no. EXCESSIVE intake of selenium causes a condition called selenosis. Clinically, this is seen through nail and hair loss, nausea and diarrhea, fatigue and nervous system abnormalities. A report by the Office of Dietary Supplements in the US show that most Americans do meet their daily dietary allowances for selenium. Fish is good source of selenium, but other sources include bread, pasta, ham, spinach, milk, fruits and vegetables.

Why do we recommend a selenium supplement after removing amalgam fillings in the mouth?
To the best of our abilities in removing amalgam fillings i.e. high volume suction, rubber dam and alternative air supply, there will still be a spike of mercury in the blood post-treatment. A selenium supplement provides a boost of selenium in the body to combine with the excess mercury. This ensures that the mercury in the blood will not interfere with the selenoprotein balance in the organs. And this is the holistic approach and correct method of removing amalgam.