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Safe Amalgam Removal

Oxidative Stress and Amalgam Removal

Oxidative stress reflects the body?s ability to readily detoxify reactive oxygen species (free radicals) and repair the resulting damage. These free radicals are important in the short-term to activate the immune system and combat pathogens but can damage all components of the cell including protein, lipids and DNA as well as interfere with cellular pathways such as enzymes and signalling molecules if left long-term.


Long-term oxidative stress causes chronic inflammation in the body. The glutathione system plays an important role in the body.

First, it is an ANTIOXIDANT defence system against free radicals. It seeks out excessive free radicals within the body and dampen the inflammatory state.

Secondly, it is involved in the DETOXIFICATION process of the body. The detoxification pathway includes 3 phases, and each is dependant on the previous phase.

During amalgam removal, even under safe conditions i.e. rubber dam, high volume suctions, alternative air supply, there will still be a spike of mercury levels in the blood after. Although the spike is in micro-units, it is still enough to cause damage to the body. Mercury seeks out sulfur-rich compounds, which is an important constituent of proteins and enzymes. If we look at the big picture, mercury can depress the glutathione system by binding to the proteins and inactivating them. A drop in the glutathione system not only affects the detoxification pathway, but also the antioxidant defence system. What results is a build-up of toxins and free radicals within the body.

This leads to inflammation.

Thus, we can see the need to supplement or ?help out? the body?s defence system. As we know of the spike in blood mercury after treatment, supplements before and after amalgam removal aids in restoring balance of the body?s natural detoxification system.

We will explore the role of selenium, vitamin C, vitamin D3, green tea extract and chlorella as vital supplements after amalgam removal.

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