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Probiotics and Dentistry

Probiotics and Dentistry – 5 questions for 5 days.

In this week?s series of articles, we explore the growing interest of probiotics. We explore the whats and the hows of probiotics, and potential frontiers of probiotics in brain development and heavy metal detoxification.

What is probiotics?

Kefir, blue cheese are not called ?probiotics? although they contain a large amount of bacteria which may be beneficial to health. They are deemed ?sources of live cultures?.

?Probiotics? are defined as live microorganisms that confer health benefits when present in adequate amounts. These health benefits must be demonstrated in studies.
Canada and Italy, regulations state that ?probiotics? must contain at least 1 billion CFU per serving.

Probiotics used in mattresses, shampoos, after-shave, and disinfectants should be used with caution because:
a) most microorganisms cannot live long enough to confer these benefits and
b) health benefits cannot be demonstrated in studies.