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probiotics and amalgam

Probiotics – a role in amalgam detoxification?

Probiotics may soon have a role in amalgam detoxification.

L. rhamnosus (supplemented through yogurt) is shown to protect babies and pregnant women against heavy metal poisoning. This work was done by Canadian and Tanzanian researchers funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The hypothesis was that regular consumption of this probiotic strain could prevent heavy metals from being absorbed from the diet. Lab research shows that L. rhamnosus has a great affinity for binding to heavy metals such i.e. arsenic, lead and mercury. This prevents it from being absorbed through the digestive system.

It is a novel idea, coupled with a delivery system that is widely available. The team has found a significant protective effect but the research is being replicated on a larger scale to investigate the exact mechanism for sequestering mercury.