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Don?t Allow Decay

A recent Australian survey suggests parents are no longer worried about tooth decay

A whopping 60% of parents surveyed by the Australian Dental Association said they have accepted their children will get cavities at some point in their lifetime. On top of this, more than one third surveyed said their children only brushed once a day. Teaching children proper dental techniques such as brushing twice daily and flossing once a day, will set them up for optimal oral health in later life.

Dental cavities are preventable

Teeth are for life, and if uncared for they will be painfully lost. Dental cavities occur when there is a substantial plaque and tartar accumulation on and between the teeth. This build-up cannot be removed easily, and a trip to the dentist is the only option.

Food for thought?

Dental cavities can also be prevented by consuming the right foods. Foods with high amounts of sugars, added or natural, feed the bacteria in the mouth and can cause plaque. While sugary foods stimulate the process of decay, other food neutralises the bacteria. Food such as cheese, milk, almonds, chicken and meat help protect the teeth by providing additional calcium and phosphorus, and supplying minerals that are deposited into the enamel, thereby strengthening the tooth.

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At our Image Dental clinic in Perth, our paradigm is fight to keep your natural tooth, actively performing everything in our power so you can have a naturally beautiful smile. That is our promise to you.

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