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Dentistry and the Skeletal System


The traditional approach to orthodontics has been to focus on straightening teeth, particularly the top front teeth. Recently, it has was discovered that there is a relationship between the health of the jaw joints (TMJ’s), and the health of the bite (or the way the teeth fit together) and the influence that your neck and airway (breathing) provide. Problems with these components can lead to a variety of health problems including headaches, migraines, and face pain. We now understand these symptoms can highlight a deeper structural problem. Hence, the implications of an effective airway, spinal stability and the importance of sleep are fast becoming central factors in chronic pain relief and restoration of health. Chiropractors can work with Dentists to improve the relationship between these different components using a structured approach called Chirodontics.

In dealing with these components, we are looking at two primary considerations;

  • Those aspects from ascending influences and body posture.
  • Those aspects from descending influences and the bite.

Furthermore, if we look at the basic human anatomical system, we see that it consists of three primary structural zones; The head, the torso, and the pelvis. The Cervical (neck) and Lumbar (lower back) spines connect these areas to each other. Most patient symptoms come from the stress placed on these two spinal areas due to compensations in the three primary zones.

These primary areas are designed to stay balanced with one another. The very design of the nerve and musculoskeletal system ensures that they function best when they are level with the ground when standing still and working in balance when under motion. If an area of the system is injured, the body will shift or “compensate” from its normal balanced posture. This spreads out the forces and allows the injured area to avoid any extra stress. But this compensation now places stress on another, more remote area of the body.

The more balanced the body is under normal situations, the better it can compensate when it is placed under stress. It takes many compensations, and then failures to effectively compensate, before we actually experience “pain”.

The goal of Chirodontics is to initially level these structural zones.  Once this is achieved, balancing of the cranial system with both cranial adjustments and Dental Orthopedics occurs. Finally, we set the bite to a balanced body and cranium with orthodontics, prosthetics and cosmetic dentistry to fully balance the person to their new posture and bite, giving them a larger “Adaptive Capacity”.  The person is now able to handle more general stress and environmental challenges and they can begin to focus on true health.

Dr Andrew Mutzig started Wembley Chiropractic in 1998, and has a keen understanding of how important dento-facial orthopaedics is to skeletal health and vice versa.  He works closely with Image Dental in a collaborative manner to improve the health of patients.  For more information visit him at Wembley Chiropractic.

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