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Breathe easy and brush your teeth!

Recent studies link oral health to respiratory issues

At Image Dental in Perth, we know that oral health is not only imperative to the health of your mouth, but also the overall health of your body! There have been strong links connected to poor oral health and Dementia, Alzheimer?s, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and now a new link has been discovered between oral health and respiratory issues such as pneumonia!

Poor oral health usually creates an environment that harbours harmful bacteria, called Streptococcus, which causes plaque, decay and periodontal disease. Scientists have discovered that these harmful bacteria can assimilate to the respiratory system through inhalation of droplets from the mouth or throat. This can cause infections or worsen conditions already present.

Your oral health?

At Image Dental we know how imperative oral health is to your general wellbeing, which is why we urge you to keep a good oral health regime at home, as well as keeping appointments with us at six month intervals to ensure your oral health is optimal.

We look after you?

We have built our practice on committing ourselves to your comfort and education. We are dedicated to providing you with on-going knowledge so you can properly take care of your teeth between visits. We believe that prevention is always better than a cure which is why we will educate you on preventive dentistry and how you can keep your mouth beautiful between visits.

At Image Dental we endeavour to help you keep your natural teeth for life, and the first step to good oral health starts at home.

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