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Applecross Dentist Post: Why saliva is important to your oral health

Saliva doesn?t just help break down our food ? it is one of your body?s main defences against bacteria!

Saliva is one of the body?s main defences against disease-causing bacterial organisms. Saliva contains antibodies that attack viral pathogens, from HIV to the common cold; and it also contains proteins that inhibit the growth of fungus. It also protects against bacteria by utilising enzymes to destroy harmful agents.

Keep your mouth clean and prevent infections with Image Dental

At Image Dental located in Applecross, we are dedicated to ensuring all of our patients keep their natural teeth for life. That is why we advocate maintaining a strict and optimal oral hygiene routine at home.

If you don?t brush and floss regularly, plaque accumulation can occur which creates an environment for additional harmful bacteria to build-up and cause inflammation, infection or decay. At Image Dental we help prevent periodontal (gum) disease by examining your oral condition at your six-monthly visits.

Treating periodontal disease..

Periodontal disease, if left untreated, can lead to bone degeneration and tooth loss. By proactively treating periodontal disease we can help you maintain your natural teeth for life.

During gum disease treatment we aim to:

  • Control gum infection
  • Halt permanent damage to gum tissues
  • Prevent tooth loss

For more information on our treatments or to book a consultation at our Applecross dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.