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Applecross Dentist Post: Three bad brushing habits that can affect your oral health!

Brushing isn?t always as easy and giving your teeth a scrub

At Image Dental in Perth we are devoted to helping every one of our patients keep their natural teeth for life, and place a strong emphasis on correct oral health routines so this can be accomplished. You may think you are brushing correctly, but many Australians are still commonly afflicted with dental decay and periodontal disease, which are the main causes for tooth loss. For this reason we have compiled three bad brushing habits you need to avoid.

  1. You don?t brush for long enough
    The majority of people do not spend enough time brushing their teeth. The recommended duration for tooth brushing is around two minutes.
  2. You?re not watching your technique
    Be sure to watch how you brush your teeth, this helps get to all those difficult areas and ensure your periodontal tissues (gums) get a good clean, too. Be sure to brush the gum line, as that is where plaque, tartar and bacteria accumulate and cause the most damage.
  3. You?re brushing too hard
    Enamel is one of the toughest materials in the body, but can still break if weakened by dental conditions. Aggressive brushing can also be traumatic for sensitive gums and cause irritation and recession.

Other bad habits include:

  • Using the wrong toothbrush
  • Using the wrong toothpaste
  • Not flossing correctly
  • Not rinsing after brushing

At Image Dental we ensure your dental health is optimal so you can enjoy your natural teeth for life. Next time you brush your teeth, remember these bad habits to help you gain good oral health.

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