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Applecross Dentist Post: The causes of bad breath

Many Australians suffer from bad breath ? it could be a symptom of a dental condition!

Halitosis, bad breath, has many different causes, from the foods we consume to issues with the mouth. Many Australians suffer from Halitosis and often wonder what it is caused by, which is why at Image Dental we have gathered the most common causes of Halitosis so you can be better prepared to combat your bad breath!

The biggest cause ? bacteria

The bacteria found in the mouth are the cause of 90-95% of bad breath cases. When these bacteria mix with protein particles, it results in a powerful smell that is difficult to cover. This is because when the bacteria metabolise, they produce the awful smelling sulphur gas and result in bad breath.

Morning breath

The main cause of morning breath is the lack of saliva in our mouths during sleep. Saliva is a natural buffer to help neutralise and eliminate bacteria. During the night we produce less saliva, which means less protection against bacteria while we sleep, thus producing morning breath.


We?ve all heard of garlic and onion breath, and it?s no wonder ? since these foods leave a pungent smell after consumption.

At Image Dental in Perth, we can help you combat your bad breath with our advanced and effective dental treatments. No matter what your dental condition, at Image dental we can help you achieve a healthy, radiant smile.

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