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Applecross Dentist Post: Sugary soft drinks a major player in tooth decay

Many Australians unknowingly drink soft drink at the expense of their smiles?

It is not new that soft drinks are bad for the health of the consumer, and because of their high quantities of sugar and acidic contents, dentists Australia-wide have called for warning labels to be printed on all soft drinks to raise the awareness of tooth decay. At Image Dental, we are all for raising the awareness of tooth decay! Soft drinks have always been hazardous to the health of Australians, and we believe Australians should be warned of the possible ill-effects that can be expected if consumed in large amounts.

Soft drinks (not so ?soft?, it seems) have been found to be a large factor in tooth erosion and decay, with many Australians even losing teeth due to severe erosion. At Image Dental in Perth, we know and have seen how devastating soft drinks can be to teeth, and urge our patients to maintain a balanced diet. If you need to drink soft drink, limit your intake ? as the old saying goes: everything in moderation!

What you should ingest to keep your mouth healthy?

What you place in your mouth can severely impact on the health of your smile as well as your body, and a healthy diet is the first step to changing the way you look and feel about your oral health and your overall health. At Image Dental we have crafted a fine list of good and healthy foods to consume every day to help your teeth and body stay strong and healthy!

Fresh fruits and vegetables?

Fruits and vegetables are the building blocks to good health, which is why they are good for your teeth too! Foods like apples (with the skin) and celery are natural tooth cleaners, and actually help to minimise and neutralise the quantities of sugar in the mouth!

Go dairy?

Dairy products are fantastic for the health of your smile. They are high in calcium, which helps to strengthen teeth and also contain important vitamins. Try to avoid yoghurts and flavoured milk, as these are usually full of sugar and will only hinder the health of your smile.

Nothing beats water?

Water is the absolute best liquid to refresh and rejuvenate your body?s cells. We are essentially 75%-80% water, so it only makes sense to consume a good quantity of water every day to hydrate our body on a cellular level. Water also helps to wash away bacteria in the mouth, and because of its neutral pH level, it does absolutely no damage to your smile.

Keep your smile beautiful with us at Image Dental?

There is a lot to consider when trying to keep your mouth healthy, which is why we recommend our patients to visit us every six months, so we can consistently provide proper suggestions of oral health routines and diagnose any issues early. At Image Dental you can expect to experience high quality treatments combined with an unsurpassed level of care, as we dedicate ourselves to ensuring the health and integrity of your smile.

For more information on our treatmentsor to book an appointment at our dental practice located in Perth, please do not hesitate to contact us.