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Applecross Dentist Post: How playing a musical instrument can influence your oral health!

The type of musical instrument that your child plays can have a dramatic influence on the development of their teeth and jaw

Studies have found that musicians can experience dental issues including:

  • Tooth mobility
  • TMJ
  • Head and neck lesions
  • Poorly aligned bite

Children who play the saxophone or the clarinet may experience the most influence on the development of their teeth and jaw as playing these instruments involves placing intense pressure on the lower lip and teeth to support the weight of the saxophone/clarinet.

Brass instruments such as the trumpet, trombone or horns may also experience tooth mobility or movement, whilst string instruments such as the violin or double bass may also affect the development of the child?s jaw and bite.

Visit our dental practice in Perth to monitor the development of your child’s jaw and bite

If your child extensively plays any of these musical instruments, it may be best to visit our dental practice based in Perth so we can take preventative action to preserve the health of your child?s teeth and their musical career.

To find out more about TMJ or children?s dentistry, please book an appointment at our dental practice located in Perth.