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Applecross Dentist Post: Discover a healthier and happier mouth with these four easy steps

Poor oral health has been linked to detrimental issues within the body, combat them by taking care of your mouth!

Do you suffer from poor oral health, tooth decay or periodontal disease? If yes, it is imperative you see a dentist as soon as possible, as bacteria in the mouth has been proven to be linked to issues such as Dementia, Alzheimer?s, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even cancer.

At Image Dental we firmly believe in practicing minimally invasive dentistry so you can keep your natural teeth for life. Take care of your mouth with these four easy steps that we have compiled at Image Dental in Applecross.

Step 1: Brush your teeth twice daily

Brushing your teeth is the fundamental aspect of oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth eliminates bacteria in the mouth which, if left to breed, is the main cause of tooth decay and periodontal disease.