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Applecross Dentist Post: Dental myth busted!

We shed some light on a common dental myth concerning pregnant women

“You lose one tooth for every baby you have.” It is a common misconception regarding pregnancy and oral health. As a result, pregnant women evade dental care as they are afraid seeing a dentist will do more harm than good. This could not be more wrong, and to shed some insight into this myth, at Image Dental located in Perth we have compiled four very good reasons to visit a dentist during pregnancy.

Avoiding dental care can actually be more harmful!

It has been scientifically proven that poor oral health has been linked to many illnesses in the body, and to evade the dentist means to prolong and possibly intensify any dental conditions you are already suffering!

Urgent dental treatment can be performed at any time during pregnancy

While dental check-ups should be reserved for the second trimester onwards, any dental emergencies can still be rectified without worry.

Women and their unborn children are at a greater risk of oral disease than from x-ray radiation exposure

If you require a dental radiograph, it should be performed after your first trimester and postpone any screening radiographs until after your baby is born. If you delay dental examinations, you are more at risk of developing periodontal (gum) disease, which can negatively impact on your pregnancy!

Pregnant women have been considered to be the primary source of dental bacteria

The bacterium that causes dental cavities, Streptococcus, has been found to be carried primarily by the mother and transmits this bacterium to the baby. This is another very important reason not to neglect your dental health during your pregnancy!

At Image Dental in Perth, we have a wide range of dental treatments that can help you maintain the health of your mouth and give your baby the best start in life!

For more information on our dental treatments or to book an appointment at our Perth dental practice, please contact us.