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Anti-Inflammatory Challenge

The Anti-Inflammatory Challenge

Many do not know that our diet plays a huge role in our ability to breathe properly. In today’s post, we challenge our readers to do this simple exercise – which involves giving up one of the three items below (or all 3 if you fancy!):

Step 1 – Pinch one side of the nostril and take a deep breathe. Repeat for the opposite side. Note how easy/hard it is to breathe in through one side of the nostril. With both nostrils now, take a deep breathe in. Notice again how easy/hard it is to breathe in.

Step 2 – Choose from the list below, one item to give up for a week. It can be REFINED GRAINS (such as white bread, pasta, cereal, crackers) or DAIRY (such as milk, soy milk, ice cream) or SUGAR (such as in almost everything on our supermarket shelves from chocolates to biscuits). Try your best to avoid the food for a week.

Step 3 – At the end of the week, repeat breathing exercise as from Step 1. Was there any difference in your breathing this time? Were there any other changes that you might have noticed?

Speak to us to find out more.

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