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Amalgam debate 3

4/5 – Public Testimony

Because of the lack of data regarding susceptible subpopulations, public testimony played a bigger weighting at this meeting.

Benjamin Zander, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and a professor at the New England Conservatory provided a written and video testimony: ?Seven years ago, I developed Meniere?s disease, which causes violent bouts of vomiting, vertigo and massive hearing loss. Visits to ENT specialists throughout the world yielded no results. Because of the violence of these attacks, I had cancel or stop in the middle of several performances that I was conducting. At the suggestion of a physician at the Paracelsus clinic in San Gallen Switzerland, I had all the mercury and nickel removed from 15 teeth?The results of this process were nothing short of extraordinary. All symptoms of the Meniere?s diseases suddenly disappeared and have not reappeared. I shudder to think what diseases this kind of poison is creating in our population.?

Dr. Pentti Nupponen: ?We had a Lancaster County dairy farmer who suffered 15 years from small heart attacks. He was sent home to die. As soon as we took the amalgam fillings out, his heart attacks stopped and he went back to work.

We had a MS patient, gets out of her wheelchair and walks as soon as she became mercury free.

We had a fibromyalgia patient who was for 46 years dealing with terrible pain and drugs. The pain disappeared as soon as she had her mercury fillings taken out. Remember, it?s not about us, it?s about them.?